Group Technology is committed to developing young IT talent by being involved in the ITBLP and sponsoring a number of students every year,including 2013.

The ITBLP is aimed at providing full scholarships for advanced Information and Communication Technology training to previously disadvantaged matriculants and graduates with a flair for technology.

An 18-month learnership programme, ITBLP 2013 will run from January 2013until the end of June 2014. The programme is made up as follows:

• For the first 12 months, successful candidates are in residence atthe training provider completing the academic component.
• Thereafter, the successful candidates complete the six-monthworkplace component by being placed in Group Technology where they will beprovided with the opportunity to practically apply what they have learnt atBelgium Campus.

All class fees, books and residential fees will be paid for by Group Technology. Learners will also receive a monthly allowance for the duration of the learnership.

On successful completion of the programme, learners will receive a National Certificate: Information Technology. The ITBLP course ware includes the following specialisation courses: System Development; Cobol; IBMMainframe; Security; Web sphere; and Networking.

Successful learners stand a good chance of employment; however, employment is not guaranteed.

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