2015 Bursaries: Shoprite Group Supply Chain Bursary

Requisition Details
Opportunity Bursary: Logistics / Supply Chain 2015
Value of Bursary R45 000-R60 000
Job Type Classification Bursary
Location - Country South Africa
Location - Province Nationwide
Location - Town / City Brackenfell / Centurion

Purpose The Bursary aims at attracting and funding future Logistics and Supply Chain specialists to join the leading fast-moving consumer goods retailer in Africa on distribution and related activities. The Bursary is available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and Honours Students.
Qualifications Successful completion of the first six months with an average of 60%+ in a Bachelors of Commerce: Logistics (Quantitative Management), Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Science: Operational Research or related degree/qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shoprite Bursary

Q. How much does the Shoprite Bursary cover?
A. Shoprite Bursaries can range from R30 000 to R60 000, depending on the course of study and institution. The company aims to ensure that the bursary value covers tuition, books, as well as an allowance for accommodation.

Q. What if I am not in a university residence, will Shoprite pay my apartment / flat / room should I provide the lease agreement?
A. Shoprite’s first priority will always be to pay for your tuition and books. Any surplus funds available from the amount allocated will be paid to the bursary holder in monthly installments. You can then choose to use these funds to assist with the payment of your rental should you not be in Residence on campus.

Q. What do I owe Shoprite for the Bursary in terms of work-back?
A. For every year that you have a bursary, you will be required to work back a year. If you should leave the employ of Shoprite before completing your work back obligations, you will be required to pay the company back a pro rata amount.

Q. What if I fail a module?
A. Every module failed will have to be repeated at your own expense. Your bursary will be suspended, not cancelled and you can reapply to be admitted to the programme once you have passed the failed module.

Q. Will the Shoprite Bursary cover any extracurricular or additional modules that I will be charged for, should I get involved in any?
A. Yes, provided it is reflected on the fee statement and does not exceed the value of the bursary awarded.

Q. What happens after I have worked back for example, my three years of bursary?
A. You will continue to be an employee of the group, with the potential prospect of growing your career in the group.

How to Apply

Closing Date Not Specified